Last Night......

Last Night... I attended ST3's pre-Halloween party at Suede in Scottsdale.It actualy turned out to be a somewhat decent night.
E$ hooked us up with a bus that took us to and from the destination. VIP table & bottle services courtesy of my man Soltero of ST3 Promotions.

The Pros: We all got dressed up and had a laugh.
The bus made a nice change to driving
I saw alot of people I hadn't seen for a while
The Cons: Our resident photographer didn't charge his battery or bring a spare. nice one.
The music!!! needs to be sorted out.
The unnecessary typical Scottsdale douchebag fight that broke out at the end.

SHOUT OUTS to Arturo, E$, Myron, Soltero, ST3, Felipe & Wes Hatcher


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