MCC Biotechnology Symposium 2010

Symposium 2010



Saturday April 24, 2010

8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Mesa Community College

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Keynote Speaker - Ken Hoober, Ph.D.

Owner of Susavion Biosciences, Professor Emeritus Arizona State University

Meet the Scientists -

Scientists from the CRO industry discuss the day to day lives of scientific profesisonals. Panels include participants from multiple aspects of the industry.

Faces of Success -

MCC Alumni return to campus to share their experiences. Panelists include employees of local biotechnology firms as well as students attending NAU as part of the 2+2 biotechnology pipeline.

Undergraduate Research Presentations -

Students performing research at MCC present the results of their work. Presentations will include studies from a variety of disciplines.

Poster Session-

Tours of the MCC Biotechnology Lab-

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Mesa Community College is located at 1833 W. Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ.

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AZ Bioscience February Update

The top bioscience news stories around the state
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Abraxis, schools start nonprofit for better health care

02/26/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and the founder of Abraxis BioScience Inc. are in early discussions to create a nonprofit organization to improve health outcomes and the way patient care is delivered. The goal of the Health Transformation Institute is to link the three separate worlds of scientific discovery, health care delivery and reimbursement.

St. Joe's set for pediatric heart transplants

02/26/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center is launching the Valley's first pediatric heart transplant program. In Arizona, 10 to 20 children become eligible for the surgery each year, Nigro said. They have had to travel to Tucson's University Medical Center or other states to receive heart transplants because no local doctors were qualified to perform the procedure.

Medical Clinical Trials Face Obstacles

02/26/2010 | | Donna Rossi

In collaboration with the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare, the Translational Genomics Research Institute has about 35 clinical trials under way. New drugs are constantly in development. But some of the clinical trials to test these new drugs could be at risk if more cancer patients don't get involved in the studies.

Bioscience students network with top AZ companies

02/25/2010 | Daily Wildcat | Luke Money

UA bioscience students met with some of Arizona's largest bioindustry companies during the Second Annual UA Student/Bioindustry Networking Event on Wednesday. Ten private companies attended the event. They included Genomics USA, Ventana Medical Systems, and W.L. Gore.

New Science to Bolster FDA Drug Approval (Notes work by C-Path)

02/24/2010 | ScienceInsider | Jocelyn Kaiser

The National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced a new initiative, including a grants program funded at up to $6.75 million over 3 years, to support regulatory science, the tools and standards used to evaluate new drugs and devices. The initiative comes in addition to a proposed $25 million for regulatory science in FDA's 2011 budget for nanotechnology and other areas.

Teasing Vaccines From Tobacco (Notes work by ASU, VAXX)

02/24/2010 | Wall Street Journal | Gautam Naik

The U.S. Department of Defense, caught off guard by the swift spread of the H1N1 flu virus last year and delays in producing a vaccine, is backing an unusual plan to use tobacco plants to make the vaccine. Flu vaccines are typically grown in chicken eggs. Although the technique is slow and expensive, vaccine makers have done little to improve on this reliable method for more than 60 years. The urgent need for a better way became apparent last year.

Intel, partners to give $3.5 billion to tech startups

02/24/2010 | Arizona Republic | Andrew Johnson

Intel Corp.'s plans to direct $3.5 billion of investments into U.S. technology companies could help cash-strapped startups in Arizona, where venture-capital activity is lagging. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based semiconductor giant said Tuesday that its venture-capital arm, Intel Capital, was forming a $200 million fund to focus on domestic companies developing "clean" technology, information technology and biotech.

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Elijah & Skilliam on Kiss 02/14/2010 featuring new music from Mr Mitch, Terror Danjah, Royal T, SRC, Silencer, Swindle and more!

Elijah & Skilliam - Rinse Fm 14th Feb 2010 by Elijah & Skilliam on Mixcloud

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No Im not dead; I've just been really busy. Took a trip to Garden Grove, CA with the Rivera clan. It was a chance to get a way from the desert for a coupe of days.

School is progressing nicely and I now know exactly what classes I need to graduate next year. Work is also going well, and I feel settled. I have a decent summer internship lined up with Innexus, and am looking forward to being back in a wet lab setting.

My green card status has finally moved up; It has changed from a 7 year wait to them giving me a decision or a request for an interview within 60 days! This is by far the best news of the far...

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01/20/2010 | Bio-IT World | John Russell

Turning FDA's Critical Path Initiative (CPI) into practical tools to accelerate drug discovery and development has had its challenges. But that hasn't deterred Ray Woosley, CEO of the C-PATH Institute, whose sole mission is to foster private-public cooperation to fulfill CPI's grand vision. Woosley is a glass-half-full realist and C-PATH is starting to justify his steady confidence.

Sanofi-aventis raises a glass

01/20/2010 | The Explorer | Dave Perry

Flutes of champagne were lifted skyward last Wednesday morning in Oro Valley, where Sanofi-aventis associates from across the nation and beyond celebrated the opening of the company's 110,350-square-foot Tucson Research Center.

T-Gen-Van Andel deal spurs new contract

01/17/2010 | Arizona Republic | Ken Alltucker

After months of review, the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission last week signed off on a new contract that ensures continued funding of Phoenix-based Translational Genomics Research Institute. The commission sought the new contract with TGen to protect Arizona's interests in the wake of TGen's alliance with Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Van Andel Institute.

Sanofi-Aventis unveils state-of-art research facility

01/15/2010 | Inside Tucson Business | Joe Pangburn

Sanofi-Aventis, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, has a cure for needed research space: Last week, it showed off its expanded Tucson Research Center, a 110,350 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Oro Valley's Innovation Park.

Infrastructure projects help stimulate economy, pave way for growth

01/15/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal

According to Arizona's Bioscience Roadmap, commissioned and coordinated by the Flinn Foundation, the state needs to focus on four strategies to develop a strong bioscience hub. Here are those strategies and how the greater Phoenix area has fared since the October report.

ASU, Mayo partner to fight diseases related to obesity

01/15/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale are partnering to combat diseases associated with obesity, Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and other expensive conditions. The two organizations have created the ASU/Mayo Center for Metabolic and Vascular Biology, which is recruiting 50 doctors and scientists.

Several Valley biotech firms are marketing health-related products

01/15/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

The theme for biotech startups in Arizona this year is shaping up to be "health and fitness." Local entrepreneurs are working on everything from vibrating fitness gear to breath analyzer technology used to determine how effectively a person burns fat during a workout.

5 Questions about Arizona Bioscience: Robert Green, AZBio President and CEO

01/15/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal

How has the state's bioscience community fared during the recession? Looking into your crystal ball, what is the outlook for access to financing in 2010 for biotech startups and spinouts? Has AZBio made any adjustments based on the current economic situation? Coming from Tucson, how will you help Phoenix and Tucson bioscience entities collaborate this year? What is AZBio's focus this year?

UA researchers part of $44B biofuel program

01/13/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

Several University of Arizona researchers are part of a consortium that received a $44 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to bring algae-based biofuels to market. The federal agency announced on Wednesday that nearly $80 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be awarded to the National Advanced Biofuels Consortium and the National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts. UA is a founding member of the latter.

AZ Economic Driver Biosciences Could Stall After 2010

01/13/2010 | Tech News Arizona | Alan Fischer

Arizona's bioscience sector continued to grow despite a hard-hitting global recession and cutbacks in supporting state funding, according to an industry update released this week throughout the state and on Jan. 12 at the Flinn Foundation in Phoenix.

AZ biosciences buck recession as jobs increase

01/13/2010 | Arizona Daily Star | David Wincher

Arizona's biosciences sector made notable gains in 2008 and 2009 despite the recession and its lingering effects, according to a report issued Tuesday. But the state saw its federal medical research grants fall 10 percent, and venture capital remained scarce, says an annual update on the state's 10-year biosciences development plan.

Bioscience industry grows despite budget woes

01/13/2010 | Arizona Republic | Ken Alltucker

Arizona's push to grow the bioscience industry has paid off over the past two years with rapid job growth and new companies despite the difficult economy, a new report says. Although Arizona has made progress on most goals outlined in the annual report by Ohio-based Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, the state's budget woes and lack of early-stage investment in startup companies are challenges that could slow bioscience growth and the high-wage jobs the industry delivers.

Biosciences growth could slow amid budget cuts

01/12/2010 | Phoenix Business Journal | Angela Gonzales

While Arizona's bioscience industry continues its rapid growth in high-paying jobs and firms, a national consultant warns that 2010 may not look so rosy if state budget cuts impact Science Foundation Arizona and state universities' research efforts.

Bioscience makes progress in bad economy

01/12/2010 | East Valley Tribune | Ed Taylor

Despite declining economic conditions, Arizona's bioscience sector made major progress in 2009, according to the authors of the state's plan for growing the industry. "We have put bioscience on the map," said Martin Shultz, chairman of the Arizona's Bioscience Roadmap Steering Committee, in a briefing for reporters Tuesday on the seventh year since publication of the roadmap.

Heart-monitor company to open Phoenix office

01/12/2010 | Arizona Republic | Ken Alltucker

A Pennsylvania company that makes wireless heart monitors has established a new office in Phoenix. Conshohocken, Pa.-based CardioNet said the new Phoenix office, located at 2750 S. 18th Place, will initially employ 20 with plans to grow up to 50 positions based on the company's growth.

Better than a Band-Aid

01/10/2010 | Arizona Daily Sun | Joe Ferguson

A new company at the Flagstaff business incubator is currently testing a biopolymer that could replace stitches and the use of gauze when treating a deep cut or similar wound. The material, known as Elastatropin, might help wounds heal faster and reduce the amount of scarring, said Protein Genomics CEO Burt Ensley.

Skilliam & Elijah of Butterz teamed up with Heatwave for a session of Grimey Dancehall and Bashment. Aired on Rinse FM 01/22/2010


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Elijah & Skilliam - Rinse Fm 19th January by Elijah & Skilliam on Mixcloud