Pirate Radio London 1994/95 RUSH FM

A documentary recorded from BBC2's Arena Radio Night in the Mid 1990's. Weekend Rush and Kool Fm were big targets of the DTI mainly because of the music they were playing was taking listeners away from the legal stations. In the Uk all the legal radio stations, still to this day, play the same main stream commercial junk we are all forced to think is good music...

On the 2nd of December, Wiley made a return to Rinse FM and featured on air with JJ.

You can download the set HERE

Recorded thanks to the good people on Grimeforum. and apparently Wiley missed Eastenders especially for this.

The file contains A few tunes with Wiley singling along/chatting, then the set

[SOURCE: Butterz.co.uk] "Like with everything else Wiley does, people follow after he sets the tone, and his recent return to Rinse FM has motivated Brazen, Scratchy, Flow Dan, J2K, Manga, Trim, and more people to turn up more often. Nowhere near enough MCs are doing radio, just to have BBK & Roll Deep MCs all the time isn't allowing enough talent to develop. Even the names I have just mentioned, they were all there back in the day. Where are the new names? Hopefully next year the younger MC's like Maxsta will be making regular radio appearances, whether its alongside the established MCs or with new talent."
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Grimetapes.com continues the 'Wheel' series with highlights of the classic pirate radio moments.

Appearances from Roachee, Trim, Tempa T, K Dot, Dizzee, Wiley, JME, D Double E, Shizzle, HYPER!, Riko, Slicks, Jendor, Big H, Footsie, Monkey!, Terminator and more capture the energy you will find very rarely on the airwaves today.

You can also download Wheel Vol. 1 HERE

Thanks to Slakk and Grimetapes.com