Another semester is almost over for me. I have just two more semesters to go before I obtain my bachelors degree in Molecular Bioscience + Biotechnology from Arizona State University.

I am still on an F1 student visa, which has several drawbacks, especially in regards to limiting me to work on campus. I have applied for a green card, however, that may take several years of waiting.

I have been somewhat bored, as I have been out of the lab for the last few months, since my summer internship ended at SunHealth research institute.

About a month ago I was offered an internship position in the immunochemistry department of a global firm that recently opened a new facility in Arizona. It looked very promising, and i had my hopes up, and was eager to start this great opportunity. Unfortunately four weeks later and I am still waiting for them to issue me the application paperwork to fill out. They have also been unresponsive to my emails and phone calls. Once again I have been let down. I believe it to be most unprofessional to behave in this manner. If the position is no longer available, or something else is preventing the hiring, then they should at least have the decency to let me know, so i could then look for something else. To be honest its very frustrating!!!!

Today I had an interview for another internship, this time with the Biodesign Center for Biolectronics and Biosensors. This is a field I am not too familiar with but, sounds very interesting none the less. Drug development and medical technology is just one side of biotechnology. The interview was somewhat longer than I had anticipated, but its always exciting for me to be inside the Biodesign facility. Whether or not I will get the job, at least I will know by Monday.

My last final exam will be next week and then it's winter break. At this rate it looks like i will still have nothing much to do, although I have enrolled in a winter session medical anthropology class and will also be volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

As I mentioned earlier things are just frustrating. I need a green card and a job. For now I will just keep trying, and I hope something will crop up eventually. I am just itching to get back into a lab and work on something worthwhile. So if anyone is resume is still up here.

PS the photo is of me (on the far left), at ST3 Entertainments Taboo Tuesdays @ upper Deck

Shortstuff of the Blunted Robots fam with a fresh promo mix for his upcoming show in Glasgow this Friday night at Stereo.

DOWNLOAD Shortstuff- Wot You Call It?


Hard House Banton – Reign (Roska VIP mix)
>> Martin Kemp – No Charisma
Geiom & Shortstuff – Wardenclyffe
Mos Wanted Mega – Different Lextrix
Martin Kemp – Wot U Got
Martyn - Friedrichstrasse
D Malice & Rebecca Knight – Poison (Roska mix)
Martin Kemp – After The Night
TRG – Discotek 79
Joey Beltram – Back Porch
Deadboy – If You Want Me
Mosca – Square One (Greena mix)
Brackles – Bad Sandwich
>> Youngstar – Bongo
Untold – Bad Girls
Geiom feat. Marita – Sugar Coated Lover (Brackles & Shortstuff mix)
Shortstuff – Tweaked
Ramadanman – A Couple More Years
Untold – Flexible
Brackles & Shortstuff – Ipkiss Riddim
Shortstuff – Galaxy
>> Aardvark – Nosestep
Sully – In Some Pattern
Clouds – Napalm
Pangaea – Dead Living
James Blake – Pembroke

Drama is an established DJ and Producer in the dubstep scene. Formerly part of the Cast Iron Projects, “Drams” can boast playing in venues such as Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Herbal, 93 Feet East, Scala, Theme, Club 8, TrmNL and the Coronet to name a few. As well as this Drama has showcased his talent on the Airwaves on radio stations such as Sub Fm, Rinse, and Wax FM and more recently on FM4 @ Springnine Festival
With plato of Mixtapes under his belt and A monthly mix series Entitled " 1 Take Bang" Started in Jan 09 its clear Drama likes to keep his time full with Music.

Before leaving for Sweden was asked to do a little mix to show them how he was going to get down on his 2dates supporting Noah D in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

1Take Swedish Takeover Bang! by Itsdrama on Mixcloud

[Source: The Arizona Republic] - The former president and chief executive of the Mayo Clinic is about to call Arizona home.

Dr. Denis Cortese, who retired from his post in November, will join the Arizona State University faculty in February and lead a new program that will focus on "promoting a sustainable U.S. health-care-delivery system."

Cortese will also be a foundation professor in both the department of biomedical informatics and the School of Health Management and Policy at the W.P Carey School of Business.

For more information: Ex-Mayo chief to lead ASU program

[Source: Dailytech] - Bacteria and algae have been engineered to produce hydrogen, ethanol, or, better yet, rich hydrocarbon chains. These chains pave the way for plentiful carbon-neutral gasoline, using nature to fix the sun's energy in the easy to store form we know as gasoline (or diesel). The promising process is hindered, however, by the expense and difficulty in harvest the hydrocarbon chains from the mature cells.

Researchers at Arizona State University were working on optimizing photosynthetic microbes, called cyanobacteria, commonly found in pond scum. The bacteria proved an ideal candidate as they are easy to manipulate genetically and could in theory produce more biofuel than any traditional crop. However, the resiliency of the bacteria proved an unpleasant and expensive obstacle to harvest. The "multi-layer, burrito-like, protective set of outer membranes" covering the cell necessitated expensive removal processing.

For more information: Self-Destructing Bacterial Minions Could Usher in New Era of Biofuels