1 Day

Flash (Duffus) wake up to a phone from Angel (Watson) announcing that his being released from the prison and wants the €500K hed left with Flash for safekeeping. Short of the full amount and pushed for time, Flash is forced to strike a deal with evil (Duncan) who more than lives up to his name. 1 Day follows Flashs race against the clock as hes pursued by a rival gang, the police, his three irate and babymothers and his granny.

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Posted November 6, 2009

Complete Genomics publishes in Science on low-cost sequencing of 3 human genomes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Nov. 5, 2009 - Complete Genomics, a third-generation human genome sequencing company, today announced publication of a report in the journal Science describing its proprietary DNA sequencing platform, including analysis of sequence data from three complete human genomes. The consumables cost for these three genomes sequenced on the proof-of-principle genomic DNA nanoarrays ranged from $8,005 for 87x coverage to $1,726 for 45x coverage for the samples described in this report.

I found this map to be very interesting. It is a comprehensive directory of Arizona firms, research institutes, educational institutions, research hospitals, and collaborating organizations. Taken from the Flinn Foundation website.

To view details for individual organizations or firms:

As you mouse over markers on the map, organization names appear. Click on a marker for more info about an organization. (Zoom in to see individual markers among clusters.)

To select particular categories of organizations or firms:

Use the legend in the upper right corner of the map to select one or more category.

CommunityWalk Map - Arizona BioMap

Back in may, I walked into the lab at MCC to find Dr. K being interviewed by 3onyourside.
At the peak of the swine flu hype a Chandler based company was marketing a product that supposedly gave the wearer 24 hour protection from all microbial attack.

Can product really kill germs for 24 hours?

by By LiAna Arenas / 3 On Your Side

Posted on May 15, 2009 at 5:36 PM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 25 at 2:14 PM

PHOENIX -- Hand sanitizers have been flying off the shelves even since the swine flu outbreak started, but are all of those sprays and gels really as effective as they claim to be? 3 On Your Side decided to put one product to the test. It's called Germ Free 24 and it makes an extraordinary claim. It says it will sanitize and protect your hands for 24 hours or more.

But does it work?

The full story can be found here

I am highly doubtful, especially after our tests, that this product does as it claims. I certainly wouldn't replace washing my hands for it.
I know its old news but it still makes me laugh.