ASU Biodesign + 'Personalized' Medicine

ASU Spotlight, Ep. 102: The ASU Biodesign Institute is working on making medicine more 'personalized'.

It's of no surprise to me that I am not an inch closer to obtaining my green card.

Other than that, school is slowly progressing and I am awaiting the end of this semester.

On the internship front, one company has been somewhat messing me around, having offered me a position and subsequently not followed through. I had another interview with a different company today which seemed promising...but then they always do; I am not setting myself up for disappointment again.

This week I also attended a tour of the Biodesign Institute, which due to obvious security restrictions wasn't as informative as I had hoped although I was exposed to some of the major research happening there.

In a non-school related topic, this week i have been reading up on microRNA and its therapeutic applications

If there are any PI's out there that happen to be reading this and are looking for a motivated research associate/intern, you can obtain a copy of my resume here.

Hope you all have a pleasant thanksgiving weekend.