Old School Biotechnology

The movie Old School was on TV a few nights ago. I Always found it to be funny, but never noticed the following scene, in which Will Ferrell is questioned on the subject of Biotechnology...

I am not quite sure anything he is saying makes sense, however perhaps the AZ BioIndustry could learn a thing or two...

******* Manic Monday Presents Bella Dolls Casting Call! *********

CASTING CALL IS FROM 9PM-11PM, 18+ please contact Steven Soltero for special rules and regulations!

ST3 is looking for beautiful and smart models that are motivated... Bella Dolls has too many HUGE events coming up and not enough models so try out to be apart of a growing Promotion company!

Photographer Joseph Greenbaum from 944 Magazine taking head shots of all the models that come to the casting call. All models will have the opportunity to get their head shots back FREE!

Presented By: ST3 Entertainment

The Official Taboo Tuesdays Presents VJ STEEL's B-Day Bash!

Get excited because we have Silver Madallion, Kyle Collins, American Kill Theory & Swindel helping us celebrate STEEL's B-Day bash and just another awesome Taboo!

Certified to be the best 18 & Over Night ever!!!!

The 1 & only VJ STEEL on the 1's & 2's while mixing his sick videos!!!

NO COVER for 21+

Whisper Lounge Friday Night Presents Celebrity Unique's (From LOVE of Ray J) & Shawn's B-Day Bash!!!

The good news is, that I will be done with school by Wednesday, so I can actually get out and enjoy myself.

Sub FM set from last night, featuring SRC.



Silkie - The Horizon
Roska - Hey Cutie
3.5 Standard - Bubble Gum
Faithless - You're The Sun (Emalkay Remix)
Sukh Knight - Up In Smoke
Moony - State Of Emergency
Nasty Jack - Ta Bumbarated
Wiley - Shanghai
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
Footsie - 3 Plates
Dodgerman - Squirma
Basment Jaxx - Feelings Gone (Rusko Remix)
Skream - What Did He Say
Blacks & P Money - Fall Back
Dreama - Zumpi Master
Little Nasty - Scarface
Masro D - Lets Go
SRC - One Penny
Wiley - Rider
Dot Rotten - Mega Shoots
Joker - Solid State
XTC - Functions On Da D-Low (Ruff Squad Remix)
Swindle - Nobody Cares
Headhunter & Ekelon - Timewarp
Rossi B & Luca - Ghost Town
Demos - Trapped In Atari City 3.5
Joker - Stuck In The System
Kamikaze - Ghetto Kyote
Gumzy - Special (Remix)
Fiz T - Night Hunter
Swindle - Swagger
DOK - Listen Up
Wizzbit - Jam Hot
Tempa T - Next Hype
Maniac - Headshot
HLC - Heartless Theme
Silencer - Dirtbag
Rude Kid- Brainwash
Skream - Irie
SRC - Goomba


Terror Danjah - Piano Madness
SRC - Goomba (Goombag Version)
Numan - 7th Key (501 remix)
Gunjaman - Commando
SRC - Tokyo Central
B9a - I Make The Hits
Jammer - Under Seige
SRC - Oi Oi
Dot Rotten - Hard Work & Progress
Joker - Stash
SRC - SRC (2009 Edition)
Grimbo - Road Rage (SRC Remix)
Gemmy - Rainbow Road
Plasticman - Cha VIP
Silencer & Dafro - Hotheads
JME - Mayhem VIP
L Dubz - Cisillian Message
Dizzee Rascal - String Hoe
Rossi B & Luca - Music Money
SRC - Facepalm
Numan - Code Four
SRC - Halloucinatin'
Dot Rotten - Wodahs Nomed
Moony - Crystal Catcher
SRC - Goin Out 2
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Skepta - Mucktion
Ironsoul - Dance With Me 2
SRC - Tatangas Kingdom
Ikonika - Sahara Michaels
SRC - Star Mix
Zomby - Digital Fauna