Streptococcus pneumoniae

This week i have been suffering from aches and pains in my chest and thorax. At first I put it down to stress and exhaustion. Today after a visit to the doctor, some X-rays and bloodwork it turns out I have pneumonia cause by the little Streptococcus pneumoniae bastard.

So this weekend I have canceled my plans. Hopefully the combination of rest, Azithromycin and Mum's chicken soup will nurse me back to perfect health by Monday
Chemical Analysis using Synthetic and Biological Nanopores
Henry White
University of Utah Chemistry

Friday 11/6/2009 in PSH-150 at 3:30pm


Advances in molecular biology and analytical chemistry have led to a new class of sensors based on electrical measurements of molecular fluxes and ion conductances in pores of nanometer dimensions. In this presentation, the fabrication of nanopores in glass and quartz membranes will be described. We will present our recent work using these membranes in nanoparticle analysis and in the structural analysis of DNA oligomers.