Now I'm Interested In "American Soccer"

Thus far, I have found American "soccer", mostly the MLS league, to be very dull and boring.
I was unaware that Women's College soccer was televised, let alone college soccer; and them i stumbled upon this video featuring a game between BYU & New Mexico. New Mexico's #15 Elizabeth Lambert is nuts!

Throwing elbows, punching in the back, tripping, hair pulling, kicking into someone's face and sucker punches? Sounds like a typical scrum between young siblings. Well, in the 2009 MWN semifinal match between BYU and New Mexico, there was no lipstick, no perfume and no fingernail polish. There was, however, good old fashioned chick fighting.

Check out the BYU's Kassidy Shumway (21) getting her bell rung (or neck snapped) by New Mexico's Elizabeth Lambert (15). I loved a good chick fight as much as the next guy, but That's the equivalent of a guy hitting below the belt.


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