Roll Deep - Street Anthems

The Roll Deep Crew have just released this compilation featuring all their Classic Grime Anthems
Known as the forefathers of Grime and legends in the UK Underground music scene, Roll Deep have set their place in history. This release is a compilation of all the classic tracks from Roll deep, including previously unreleased material from the earlier vintage Roll Deep catalogu and tracks from all 3 albums. This is one not to be missed.

Track List

01 - Eskimo Vocal Mix
02 - When I'm Ere
03 - Roll Deep Regular
04 - Do This Ting
05 - Bounce
06 - Babylon Burner
07 - Heat Up
08 - Badman
09 - Shake A Leg
10 - Eskimo Remix
11 - Remember The Days
12 - They Should Know
13 - Do Me Wrong (Ft Janee)
14 - U Were Always
15 - I Will Not Lose
16 - Celebrate
17 - Terrible
18 - Avenue
19 - Movin In Circles

Street Anthems is an album compiling a selection of their biggest tracks from what seems like a never-ending back catalog, including some of their earliest works right up to their latest single, mixing up the tracklisting between undeniable underground classics and some infectious overground pop.

Also you can find several old radio sets at


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