Just felt the need to report whats been happening this week.

Monday I attended ST3's Bella Doll Casting Call at the Crown Room.

It was a good night, with VJ steel on the decks.
For the full gallery at 944, courtesy of photographer Joseph Greenbaum click here

Monday, I was also informed that I had been selected for a job. So at least I will be keeping busy over the break.

Wednesday, marked the last day of the semester for me. All of my final exams went smoothly and I am now just waiting for my grades to come through. I am however, taking a medical anthropology class over the winter break.

Last night, I attended the second of my volunteer training sessions at Phoenix Childrens Hospital. It was all pretty self explanatory stuff, yet I did learn how to properly remove personal protective equipment, change a diaper and the correct way to hold a baby.

So for now I can rest for a few days and attempt to enjoy the holidays.


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