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Mesa Community College is now offering several Undergraduate research opportunities.
For students, this is a great way to contribute to the body of academic knowledge as you participate in original research; develop your inquiry and presentation skills and prepare yourself to transfer to a university research program of study.
Thats just an opinion by the way. Click on the banner for more information

Perhaps because I am miles away from London, but So Solid just released this new track entitled Not Since You Went Away. Not really a fan of the song, but Lisa Maffia cleaned up nicely since her days on the Estate.
Ive actually decided to escape the Phoenix metropolitan area madness and go to a big house party in a town called Maricopa.

However there is lots going on tonight as can guess. If all else fails, feel free to check out the

Pre Halloween BlackOut Party @ Afterlife

My good friend DJ Amie will also be there tearing it up on the wheels of solid steel.

I am running late as usual and so must depart. Have a safe night and be careful; lots of drunk drivers out tonight apparently.
Last Night... I attended ST3's pre-Halloween party at Suede in Scottsdale.It actualy turned out to be a somewhat decent night.
E$ hooked us up with a bus that took us to and from the destination. VIP table & bottle services courtesy of my man Soltero of ST3 Promotions.

The Pros: We all got dressed up and had a laugh.
The bus made a nice change to driving
I saw alot of people I hadn't seen for a while
The Cons: Our resident photographer didn't charge his battery or bring a spare. nice one.
The music!!! needs to be sorted out.
The unnecessary typical Scottsdale douchebag fight that broke out at the end.

SHOUT OUTS to Arturo, E$, Myron, Soltero, ST3, Felipe & Wes Hatcher
It's halloween and here is a roundup of some spooky mixes that I will definitely be listening to.

First up is the Z-Shed + High Rankin Halloween Special:


Next, I recommend a spooky blend of Dubstep from NoisseS:

Noisses Halloween Mix 2009 by SessioNoisseS

I hope you all have a good night!

Today I attended a ASU Biochemistry Department's seminar series. The talk was entitled "How do Ribozymes work?" and presented by Professor David M.J. Lilley, University of Dundee. Lilley discussed the basics of ribozymes in regards to their defficient catalytic properties and the possibility of Ribozymes as a early life precursor molecule. Lilley et al are interested in the structure of DNA junctions important in recombination and repair, and their interactions with proteins and branched structures in RNA molecules, especially those playing a role in the folding of catalytic RNA molecules, or ribozymes. His latest works has been in determinig the structure and function of the the Varkud satellite (VS) ribozyme.

To be honest, a lot of the biochemistry and techniques involved went slightly over my head. however, it was an interesting topic and definately opened my eyes to the chicken and question.

For more information on Lilley's work and ribozymes in general you can visit Lilley's website here