Today was an especially long Monday; it was one of those days where nothing went as planned, and little was achieved. Since I started this job almost 3 weeks ago, things have progressed very smoothly...until today.

It's always fun when using a piece of equipment for the first time with no prior knowledge or understanding of how the device works. Its even more enthralling when using this machine for a slightly different application than it was designed for.

Nonetheless, after an hour or so of tinkering, the vacuum was sufficient enough to hold the glass slides in place and I was ready to attempt spincoating for the first time. Without getting into the details of what I am actually working on, the spincoater's fuse kept acting up, and then I was further stalled when gas ran out. An extremely frustrating morning, however I am determined to get it working tomorrow, though I am unsure it will actually achieve the desired product.

Otherwise, it was a beautiful day. sun was shining, and i received a shiny new digital magnetic stir plate which should help to standardize things somewhat.

As for tonight, I just sent the neighbor out to fetch chipotle, and will probably end up at the Crown Room as usual for a Monday night.


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